Chairman Message

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Message from Chairman

George Carlin has famously propagated, that it is not enough to teach children to read, but for them to learn to question what they read. We as teachers are responsible for shaping and channeling such ideas and curiosity. It is believed that young impressionable children often enter the school with a mind as a blank canvas, and the knowledge his instrument- to paint a life – beautiful with a myriad of colours. But it is not only necessary to cultivate ideas, but also provide the power to construct them as reality. In this world, where failure has become part and parcel of learning, it is undoubtedly important for us to remember and teach- that mistakes are our best teachers, and should be taken as lessons in life to stand tall and competent.

An amicable school environment is absolutely necessary to provide such education. As a temple of learning, we believe in making our students not only proficient for career preparation but also well- equipped to face challenges in life head-on.

Education is not confinement to understanding reading and writing, but learning to differentiate right from wrong, a sense of responsibility to one’s society, and reflecting one’s spirit in the right direction by one’s morals and values.


Mr Vipin Sangal


Maples Academy Shamli