Our Clubs

Our Clubs


With the view of enhancing awareness of biodiversity conservation, negotiating local environmental issues, and creating a "clean and green consciousness" among the campus community through various innovative methods, management , faculty members and students of Maples Academy has initiated and formed Eco-club,

The Eco-club consists of Maples Academy students and staff, has been established with the objective of heightining environmental awareness of the campus community. In addition, this club will work to improve environmental health on campus, local, regional and national levels and also to cooperate, collaborate and maintain correspondence with other organisation with common or similar interest.


Healthy living incase of school children is the prime concern of allstakeholders including principal, parents, teachers and the community. To achieve this objective collective responsibility needs to be assumed. An important dimension is that of experience and development of health skills and physique through practical engagements with play, exercises, sports and practices of personal and community hygiene.

Health and Wellness clubs in School would focus on the overall well beingcomprising emotional, social, and mental health of the child. It would act as the enabling of organizational point for conducting activities related to various dimensions of health and wellness.


This club has been formed with the motto to develop a higher standard of good citizenship amongst the rising generation and one which cannot fail to be of highest value to the Nation. School is also conducting various social activities with the help of scout and guide club. This club is working with the great objective of social service and spreading the feeling of help and confidence for being the good and responsible citizen.


Dedicated trainers: Anything which is useful is useful only when we know its correct use. And correct use is only possible when there is somebody to guide us. Maples Academy has a dedicated taekwondo professional to train the students.

Opportunity to show the world: We not only train our students to become self-protecting but we also provide them an opportunity to display their hidden skills and talent in various taekwondo-competitions at various levels.

No interference with studies: We do maintain a perfect balance between activities and studies. Taekwondo classes are also managed in a way that students have nothing to compromise with.

Neither additional charges nor compulsory: No additional any fee is charged from the students for taekwondo classes, moreover, it is the choice of the student whether he wants to attend the classes or not and wellness.


Children are the most vulnerable victims of any form of hazard-be it natural disasters like flood, earthquake, landslide or manmade disasters like fire, terror attacks, and stampede. It is a well established premise that it is not the hazards that kill but unsafe construction, ill-preparedness, and lack of awareness that make a hazard into a disaster.

The young minds are most receptive to new ideas and need to be trained and made aware of certain basic principles that would not only save their lives but also being future citizens they play an important role towards nation building . Therefore, it is important to address disaster preparedness through fun activities in the school and promote the “culture of safety & preparedness” at an young age. Few steps are being /will be undertaken to achieve this mission:


Maples students can pen his thoughts, his writing skills, explore the world of writers, relish new stories and contest for awards.

Maples introduced Katha Clubs in year 2015, storytelling groups, in a novel attempt to tap the potential of budding writers and encourage the habit of reading among students.

Katha Clubs is to find, inspire and grow talent among their children. In these clubs, school conducts literary sessions and select students for regional workshops and competitions," At the Second Stage, the club would also hold online activities. Children would be able to upload their stories, poems and translations on a specially-designed website. Students will also get to read stories by top Indian writers.

The activities continue over a period of time. A spot-writing competition is being held in school, where some students are selected for semi-final. They are being invited with teachers to writing workshops at the regional level. Then, the Katha Awards announces followed by the National Katha Utsav and Katha Awards ceremony in December.